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Control waste, maximize sales and improve shop profitability

In a super-competitive sector, retail bakers of all types and size use Cybake bakery management software to get better results from their outlets and stay ahead of the high street.

In-store production planning

Maximize sales and reduce waste by controlling food production in your stores.

Whether they are baking off savories and morning goods or making sandwiches for display, most businesses have minimal processes in place to ensure that head office is controlling what is being baked and when. With Cybake, you've got it covered with our market-leading production planning module that cuts waste and maximizes sales.


Retail waste control

Get true control of your waste to reduce your costs.

Accurate forecasting of retail requirement by store and by product gets waste to the level you require and helps increase sales. Plus, Cybake takes the guesswork out of batch size calculations and gives your bakers easy-to-understand production reports that mean less mistakes and hence less waste.


Sales-based shop ordering

Increase turnover per store by around 4%, cut waste by approx 20%

Automated, sales-based orders suggested by Cybake's Instore module cut waste as they are far more accurate than those by shop managers. Resources are saved on manual order-taking and analysis at head office, which gets orders, sales, waste and shrinkage data on any web-connected device. Cybake also manages your shops’ orders for non-saleable items.


Shop stock reconciliation

Reconcile stock transactions the easy way.

Cybake uses data from your EPOS system to automatically reconcile quantities delivered with quantities sold, wasted and transferred, saving huge amounts of admin and errors. Head office and store can instantly identify possible shrinkage and data inaccuracies. Includes sandwich reconciliation.



Company profile

BakePlan is brought to you by Cybake Ltd. Based in York, UK, and Philadelphia, USA, we started providing the food industry with ERP-class solutions in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable support, a deep understanding of large retail operations and logistics, and for our expertise in constantly moving, cutting edge systems and technology.