What is BakePlan?

Multi-wave production planning for your in-store bakery sections

Automated production plans

Using your forecasts and real-time sales data, BakePlan plans the optimal production of your in-store bakery sections, telling bakery in-store colleagues what to make or bake at the right times.

BakePlan is a multilingual application that provides in-store bakery colleagues with a checklist of steps to follow to prepare each production batch.

BakePlan integrates easily via API to existing systems and is used on a daily basis by customers such as Marks & Spencer and Tesco.

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Easy to use interface

BakePlan shows in-store bakery colleagues the quantities to be produced in each wave. Quantities are adjusted based on actual sales and waves are timed for when the products are needed in order to maximize their freshness and availability.

All the info, instructions and dashboard KPIs that your bakery colleagues and their managers need are included in BakePlan’s intuitive, simple-to-use, interface.

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Manages preparation, allergens, claims and packaging

BakePlan provides on-screen preparation instructions for in-store bakery colleagues. It also maintains up-to-date, accurate recipe and ingredients data, including allergens, nutritional values and claims such as vegan or gluten free. Plus it manages shelf-life codes for open packaging.

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Controls compliance

BakePlan is designed so that bakery colleagues not only buy into the solution; they are obliged to stick to its recommendations.

BakePlan shows you your key KPIs for sales and waste as well as telling you whether stores are sticking to recommendations and recording the quantities they produce correctly. You can also drill-down to the component level for more detailed analysis.

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Proven results

BakePlan is a clearly defined application with strong business benefits: higher turnover and less waste. Users can expect around 10% less waste and revenue growth of at least 3-4% in their in-store bakery sections.

BakePlan provides your customers with better freshness and availability while giving you true, central insight into your bakery sections’ production; better process compliance; and the adoption of best practices among in-store bakery sections.

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Company profile

BakePlan is brought to you by Cybake Ltd. Based in York, UK, and Philadelphia, USA, we started providing the food industry with ERP-class solutions in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable support, a deep understanding of large retail operations and logistics, and for our expertise in constantly moving, cutting edge systems and technology.