Show colleagues what, how & when to make & bake fresh food in-store

Improve availability, increase sales & cut waste in your in-store bakeries

BakePlan is a retail production planning and management system used by supermarkets and convenience stores to improve availability, increase sales and cut waste for in-store bakeries and fresh food counters.

Multilingual, cloud-based BakePlan tells in-store bakery colleagues the best combination of products to make or bake at the right times via tablets or mobiles by using your forecasts and realtime sales data.

What can you do with BakePlan?

Increase sales by 3-4% & cut waste by at least 10%

BakePlan is an off-the-shelf, platform-agnostic solution that is easy to trial and that rolls-out fast. Food production sections that use BakePlan’s multi-wave production plans generally increase like-for-like sales by around 3-4% and cut in-store food production waste by at least 10%.

The Secret Ingredients

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Cloud Computing

Accuracy, cost, ease of implementation: pure cloud BakePlan beats the alternatives hands-down!

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Microsoft Azure

BakePlan runs on Microsoft Azure: always on, fast and secure with state-of-the-art data analytics.

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Mobile Technology

Use BakePlan anytime, anywhere, across all devices and go paperless.

Company profile

BakePlan is brought to you by Cybake Ltd. Based in York, UK, and Philadelphia, USA, we started providing the food industry with ERP-class solutions in 1998.

Since then, we’ve gained a reputation for friendly and reliable support, a deep understanding of large retail operations and logistics, and for our expertise in constantly moving, cutting edge systems and technology.